Scott A. Jones

Scott Jones is one of today’s most compelling technology entrepreneurs, having cofounded his first company, Boston Technology, at age 25 where he served as chairman and chief scientist. He owns patents for technologies that enable telephone companies worldwide to offer voice mail. He subsequently founded the Internet-based music service company Gracenote, utilized by Apple, Yahoo, and Sony to provide online music sales, which he sold to Sony in 2008. Jones currently serves as chairman and CEO of ChaCha, a company he founded to create the world’s leading technology platform offering users a free real-time answers service.

Scott Jones generously supported the extraordinary technology package that creates the Dinosphere environment.

Jones’s relationship with the museum blossomed in 2000 as the museum was developing Dinosphere®: Now You’re in Their World. He generously supported the entire technology package in that gallery with a gift of $3 million. He has since been instrumental in supporting activities at the museum supporting Lemonade Day, an annual citywide initiative that teaches young people about the opportunities and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Jones has also served the museum as Trustee (2000–2003) and Honorary Trustee (2003–present).