Polly Horton Hix

Volunteers from the Museum Apprentice Program work on a fossil in the Polly H. Hix Paleo Prep Lab.
A generous supporter of The Children’s Museum since 1983, Polly Horton Hix has made an indelible difference in the life of the Museum over the last twenty years with two $1 million gifts, one to name and endow the Horton Gallery at the Museum in honor of her father, Arthur Horton, and the other in support of the creation of Dinosphere®: Now You’re in Their World and naming the Polly H. Hix Paleo Prep Lab in that gallery space. She has also provided generous support to “Animals from A to Z” (1990), the “You Can Build a Mind Campaign” (1986), and the Power of Children Campaign and Take Me There: Egypt (2007).

Polly has also served the Museum as a Distinguished Advisor since 2001.