Eli Lilly and Company

Among its many generous gifts to the museum, Eli Lilly and Company supported the creation of National Geographic Treasures of the Earth, which opened in 2011.

A fixture in the Indianapolis corporate philanthropic community, Eli Lilly and Company has generously supported The Children’s Museum with gifts and grants in excess of $6.9 million since the early 1970s. Over half of that support has come to the museum just in the past few years, with three capital gifts totaling $3.5 million coming since 2005 in support of Take Me There:® Egypt ($1.5 million), National Geographic Treasures of the Earth ($1 million), and Terra Cotta Warriors: The Emperor’s Painted Army ($1 million).

In addition to these capital grants, the generous support provided by Eli Lilly and Company has, for many years, included matching gifts in excess of $2 million offered to leverage and extend the generous support of the hundreds of Eli Lilly and Company employees who support the museum annually with their personal philanthropy.