Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences and its parent company, Dow Chemical Company, have generously supported the museum since 1991, with a recent emphasis on extraordinary support of the museum’s science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) initiatives. Through a $500,000 endowment gift in 1995, Dow AgroSciences secured naming rights for the ScienceWorks gallery in the Dow Science Center, in which the museum offers interactive science-based experiences related to physics, construction, water flow, and geology. Subsequent gifts created the Biotechnology Learning Center (2002) and SciencePort (2006).

The museum’s ScienceWorks exhibit is located in the Dow Science Center on Level 4.

Most recently, Dow AgroSciences contributed $850,000 to support the renovation of various components of the ScienceWorks gallery, including updates to the water table, construction area, and pond to ensure that they are more contextual in their representation. Through their support the museum will also create a new horizontal climbing wall that reproduces a horizontal view of the land with plant life aboveground and the systems that support plants in the soil below grade level.

Finally, Dow AgroSciences generously supported the museum’s efforts to care for saplings preserved from the Anne Frank tree, which Anne Frank saw from her window in the Secret Annex and wrote about in her famous diary. In partnership with The Children’s Museum and with the generous support of Dow AgroSciences, the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Center in New York arranged to preserve the Anne Frank tree for future generations by saving and nurturing saplings planted at various locations in the U.S., including The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and The White House. The tree at The Children’s Museum was planted on April 14, 2013.