Deborah J. Simon

Since 2004, Deborah Simon’s support of The Power of Children Awards has enabled the museum to identify and honor middle- and high-school youths who make a difference in the lives of others and in their communities. As of 2012, 38 young people has received a Power of Children Award. Pictured here are the 2012 winners. Left to right: Nicholas Gifford, Timothy Balz, Grace Li, Sarah Wood, Neha Gupta.

Deborah Simon’s most significant support has been to The Power of Children: Making a Difference exhibit and its complementary program, The Power of Children Awards, which honors youths from Indiana and across the country who create a community service project and make a difference in the lives of others. In addition to a significant capital gift supporting the creation of the Anne Frank pathway and immersive theater experience in The Power of Children gallery, her annual sponsorship of the Power of Children Awards program since 2004 has enabled the museum to identify and honor four to six youths each year whose unselfish service to their communities is truly extraordinary.

Simon’s generous support of The Children’s Museum began in 1994 with her lead gift in support of the Calder: A Circus of Creativity exhibit. She has also been generous with gifts supporting a variety of projects, including the National Children’s Film Festival in 1998–99.

Deborah Simon has also served the museum as Distinguished Advisor since 2000.