Board of Trustees

While President and CEO Jeffrey Patchen is responsible for directing the museum’s day-to-day operations, the museum is governed by the Board of Trustees. Comprising no fewer than 24 members and no more than 35, the Board of Trustees also hires and oversees the President and CEO.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is governed by its Board of Trustees.

Each Trustee serves a term of three years. Trustees receive no compensation for their service. Trustees are divided as closely as possible into three equal groups, with each group serving a staggered term so that approximately one-third of the board changes each year. No trustee can serve more than three consecutive three-year terms nor more than 10 years continuously, including any term of less than three years. A trustee can be re-elected to additional terms of office after a one-year absence from the board.

In addition to the trustees, the museum’s board includes three other types of members:

  • Distinguished advisors: These board members are community leaders whose counsel, advocacy, and experience strengthen the goals of the museum. No more than 20 such members are permitted at any given time, each serving a one-year term after being elected at the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees (a distinguished advisor can serve any number of consecutive or nonconsecutive terms). Distinguished advisors can attend board meetings, but they cannot vote on any measures before the board.
  • Honorary trustees: The Board of Trustees can, at its discretion, choose to designate as "Honorary Trustees" people other whose service to the museum it considers outstanding. Honorary trustees can attend board meetings, but they are not entitled to vote on any measures before the board.
  • Affiliate representatives: The Board of Trustees can appoint one or more affiliate representatives to the board. These nonvoting members include the president and vice president of the Children's Museum Guild, one person recommended by the Indianapolis Public School System, and one recommended by the City of Indianapolis. In addition the Board can appoint as an affiliate representatives members of other Indianapolis-area organizations. Affiliate representatives can attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees, but they are not entitled to vote on any measures before the board.



Executive Committee

John F. Ackerman
Jennifer Alvey
Julie R. Booth
Jim Bremner
David Durm
Leigh R. Evans
Karen Hebert
Vanita Khanna-Yadav
Scott Kraege
Jamie P. Merisotis
Mike A. Sherman
Jeffrey H. Patchen, CEO 


John F. Ackerman
Jennifer “Jenni” M. Alvey
Julie R. Booth
Aman Brar
James D. Bremner
Julie M. Carmichael
Kathleen “Kathy” Dunbar
David P. Durm
Susan Elser
Leigh R. Evans
James C. Gilroy, III
Jeffrey M. Hagerman
Muhammad Hassan
Karen T. Hebert
Andrew J. Held
Danette Gerald Howard
Keith R. Iler
Vanita Khanna-Yadav
Scott Kraege
Thomas P. Laskey, Jr.
Daniel M. Lechleiter
Jason Leet
Robin R. Marks
Jamie P. Merisotis
Meghan F. Miller
Brett A. Pheffer
Kathleen D. Postlethwait
Peter Salzmann
Mike A. Sherman
Lauren G. Sparkman
Karin L. Veatch
Kevin C. Woodhouse
Shon G. Wright
William D. Zink 

Distinguished Advisors

Mark W. Boyce
Susan W. Brooks
Steven P. Caltrider
Ronald E. Elberger
David N. Eskenazi
Suzanne Fehsenfeld
Polly H. Hix
J. Mark Howell
Katharine M. Kruse
Terri Mann
Vop Osili
Michael F. Petrie
Jeffrey S. Pratt
G. Marlyne Sexton
Bui Simon
Emily Sturman
Christopher E. Trede
Sheila J. Triplett
Deborah B. Wood


Honorary Trustees

Charlene Barnette
Joseph D. Barnette, Jr.
Kenneth W. Burow, Jr.
Mrs. William H. C. Failey
Philip C. Genetos
David W. Gray
Scott A. Jones
Philip S. Kappes
Catherine W. Lawson
John C. Lechleiter
Cordelia M. Lewis-Burks
Lloyd C. Lyons
William F. McConnell, Jr.
James H. Naus
Andrew J. Paine (**)
Gerald W. Paul
George H. Rawls
Thomas E. Reilly, Jr.
Robert H. Reynolds
Gary A. Ruben (**)
Yvonne H. Shaheen
Jack R. Shaw
Deborah J. Simon
Susanne “Susie” Sogard
Hans W. Steck
Fay H. Williams

(**) - Deceased 


Affiliate Representatives

Guild President thru March 2018:
Sally Schacht

Guild Vice-President and
Incoming Guild President Effective April 1, 2018:
Elizabeth Feldmann

City of Indianapolis Representative:
Lindsey Rabinowitch

IPS School Board Representative: