The 2000s

2009: Tomb of Doom, inspired by the museum’s exhibits Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs and Take Me There: Egypt, the Haunted House invited visitors to cross the Desert of Despair, navigate the Vile Nile and explore the Pyramids of Peril in a Quest for the Lost Mummy. There was also a Mummy Maze, Skeleton Crypt, and Embalming Chamber. Thanks to the new Welcome Center, part of the 2009 expansion, Haunted House visitors queued indoors for the very first time. It was also the beginning of the PNC’s 10-year presenting sponsorship of the Haunted House.
Co-Chairs: Sarah Adams, Myra Mariani

2008: Eerie Express tookthrill-seekers on a haunted train ride to some of Indiana’s scariest places, beginning at the Depot of Doom and moving on to the legendary House of Blue Lights in Indianapolis and the Haunted Hayloft in Plymouth. The adventure terminated at the End of the Line! This was the final year for the Haunted House façade on the outside of the museum, and the first year for a new character—Frances the Friendly Witch.
Co-Chairs: Jill Lacy, Theresa Patterson

2007: Ghostly Grand Hotel took visitors to a frighteningly fantastic resort staffed by Morticia the Maid, the Beastly Bellhop, and the Head Chef of the Kreepy Kitchen. This was the final time the Guild erected its big white tent in Festival Park—outdoor festivities ended after that year’s Haunted House.
Co-Chairs: Ellen Bowers, Brooke Smith

2006: Monster Manor was a house in the English countryside like no other, filled with monsters, ghosts, and all sorts of terrifying creatures!
Co-Chairs: Mary Brennan, Sarah Thompson

2005: Camp Creepy, which included a visit to a haunted summer camp complete with crazed counselors, swamp creatures, a foul cafeteria, and things that went “bump!” in the night. This year also marked the first overnight camp for Boy Scouts (Oct. 21) and Girl Scouts (Oct. 23), where courageous campers enjoyed a pizza party, a show in the SpaceQuest Planetarium, a spooky movie in Lilly Theater, and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Haunted House.  This was the most successful Haunted House in the Guild’s history, raising more than $415,000 for the museum.
Co-Chairs: Betsy Biederstedt, Amy Cooke

2004: Ghost-Town was based on a Western theme, withspooky cowboys and cow-ghouls hanging out at a saloon, a grizzly sheriff at the jail, and the Boot Hill cemetery where the residents were not resting in peace.
Co-Chairs: Bridget Kennedy, Sheila Wolfe

2003: Ghostly Gala celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Haunted House in the mysterious Minster family home.
Co-Chairs: Pam Curtis, Laura Sogard

2002: Phantom Theatre was full of phantastic frights. It featured a haunted theater—including wardrobe, dressing, and makeup rooms, stage, and orchestra pit—haunted by the Phantom, Count Dracula, the Conductor, and the Diva, all assisted by various haunting stage hands.
Co-Chairs: Jerri Ramsey, Madeleine McKinney-Torres

2001: Terrifying Tales was based on emphasizing reading by having all the rooms based on fairy tales.
Co-Chairs: Colleen Kelley, Terri Shrader

2000: Medieval Millennium marked the transition to a new century and new millennium with a Haunted House based on life from 1,000 years in the past.
Co-Chairs: Kathleen Eckrich, Kelley Merritt