Rockwell’s America: Celebrating the Art of Norman Rockwell

In 2005 the museum hosted the traveling exhibit Rockwell’s America: Celebrating the Art of Norman Rockwell, which featured life-sized casts of figures from some of the famous painter’s best-known works and reproductions of many of the hundreds of magazine covers he created throughout his 60-year career.

Scout Memories,a painting by Normal Rockwell from the museum’s collection, was featured in the exhibit.

With the help of the SerVaas family, local owners of Curtis Publishing (parent company of The Saturday Evening Post), and the National Scouting Museum, the museum was able to supplement the 10,000-square-foot exhibit’s Rockwell reproductions with 10 original paintings, including Scout Memories which became part of the museum’s permanent collection in 1993. Over its six-month run, Rockwell’s America attracted multigenerational crowds. The exhibit was open from June 18, 2005 to Jan. 16, 2006.

Visitors experienced Normal Rockwell’s studio, which featured a life-size sculpture of the artist.