Hands Can

Hand surgery was one of many topics covered in the exhibit Hands Can, which was the first traveling exhibit the museum developed in 1992.

Human hands are one of nature’s marvels: opposable thumbs allow us to grasp, grip, and manipulate objects from clunky to delicate. The exhibit Hands Can, which the museum developed in conjunction with seven fellow members of the Youth Museum Exhibit Collaborative, debuted in 1992.

Focused on all the things that humans can do with their hands, the exhibit included sections on handicrafts, sign language, and hand signals, hand puppets, and hands that had been surgically repaired or replaced by prosthetics. There were also special programs and demonstrations by potters, weavers, knitters, basket makers, wood carvers, and puppeteers. After its debut at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis it became the museum’s first traveling exhibit, going to various venues around the country until it was retired in 2003. The exhibit was open at The Children’s Museum from Feb. 8 to June 28, 1992.