100 Toys that Define Our Childhood

In 2012 we asked our online visitors to choose the Top 20 Toys that Define Childhood—and you sure did rise to the occasion! The project spread like wildfire across the web and resulted in over 600 stories, 24,000 votes, and countless comments on news and social media sites. We've learned that everyone, everyone, has an opinion about their favorite toy.



Winner - G.I. JOE®

G.I. Joe®, the original action figure, was introduced by Hasbro in 1964. The moveable fighting man and real American hero has had many adventures in the years since. This model was made in 1966. G.I. Joe® won the title of top toy with 1,922 votes.

Top 20 Toys

  1. G.I. Joe®
  2. Transformers®
  3. LEGO® Toys
  4. Barbie®
  5. View-Master®
  6. Bicycle
  7. Cabbage Patch Kids®
  8. Hot Wheels®
  9. Crayons
  10. Play-Doh®
  12. Raggedy Ann®
  13. Etch A Sketch®
  14. Little Golden Books®
  15. Spirograph™
  16. Lincoln Logs®
  17. Candy Land®
  18. Roller Skates
  19. Silly® Putty
  20. Mr. Potato Head®

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