The Paper Dress

This fun yellow pages paper dress is a great piece representing groovy 1960's fashion! Paper dresses were a fad from about 1965-1969. Because they were disposable, you didn’t need to worry about the dress going out of style since you just threw it away when you were done with it. Also, it didn’t need to be cleaned. After a few wears, you simply threw it away and bought a new one!

Not many paper dresses survived, except those which were never used or forgotten. We are lucky, however, because in our textile collection we have five other paper dresses. One is the Campbell Soup paper dress which is reminiscent of the famous soup can paintings by pop artist Andy Warhol. This dress was displayed in our 2003 “Andy Warhol-Myth Series and Studio” exhibit.

We also have two holiday paper dresses! One is a Christmas paper dress and the other is a holly paper party dress. In addition to those, we have a dress with a fun green and black print and even a paint-your-own paper dress! Last but not least, how would you like to wear a paper swimsuit? This suit wasn’t intended for swimming, just for sun bathing!