The Geography Cone

When you think of a deadly predator it’s natural to think of swift animals with sharp fangs and claws—but have you ever thought of a snail? The geography cone is a marine mollusk, or sea snail, that is a voracious predator. It captures and consumes fish.

During daylight hours the geography cone is inactive and lies buried in the sand. During the night this snail is on an active hunt for food.

The geography cone has a special adaptation that helps it hunt. It has a harpoon-like tooth, called a radula, that helps it strike at fish and inject venom. That venom is highly potent, and it quickly paralyzes its prey.

This marine snail lives in the tropical & subtropical Indo-Pacific areas, and can especially be found in the northern waters of Australia. People who collect shells in these areas have to be extremely careful & watch out for cone shells. The venom that these animals produce can even be deadly to humans.

The museum has a great geography cone shell in its collection. (But don't's somewhere nice and safe to see.)