Family Learning School Services

Destination: Transformation

See, hear, feel, touch. The museum’s family and school programs stimulate the senses and bring about transformative experiences that are unparalleled. Our public and family programs enthralled visitors. Talented actor-interpreters brought the content of our exhibits to life. And teachers and students gained new perspectives through our school programs and professional development offerings.

Family Learning

Transforming the lives of children and their families through active engagement is key to the museum’s ongoing success. In 2012, the museum’s family programs were no exception, welcoming young visitors to experience exciting walks of life and develop dreams of...

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Active interpretation helps children connect their imaginations with real life. In 2012,visitors discovered the lives of aviator Wilbur Wright, as well as a racecar driver, ship’s captain, and more through the museum’s talented interpreters. Children and parents watched spellbound...

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School Services

The Children’s Museum is forever committed to enhancing educational experiences through its family learning and school services. In 2012, our programs opened new horizons with school visits, professional development programs, workshops, networking events, and more.

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